Unlike many Hungarian first league championships in team sports, the ones organized by the Hungarian University Sports Federation (HUSF) have so far been unaffected by the coronavirus pandemic. There is a glimmer of hope that the domestic university sports scene will be the one and only to remain untouched by Covid-19.

The digital development of the University of Physical Education (UPE) is currently underway, which is represented by the LED wall installed in the lobby. The screen displays important information for students and it also features a new short film. The wall is used to draw attention to the importance of proper prevention during the second wave of the pandemic.

Developments at the new site of University of Physical Education’s (UPE) have begun in accordance with plans. The new sports facilities will not only be able to host trainings and competitions but they have also been designed to harmonize with the landscape.   

Dr. Sós Csaba’s career full of success has reached another milestone. The Head of the Swimming and Watersport Department of the University of Physical Education (UPE) has been awarded the professor title. Mr. Sós, an essential character of the Hungarian swimming scene, who has been the head coach of Hungary's swimming team since 2017, has been teaching at the university for more than thirty years.

Procedures regarding the rules of entering Hungary and special medical examination for non-Hungarian students and higher education staff.

The International Relations Center has organized a team-building day at UPE Water Sports and Recreation Center in Velence on 22 August with the two faculty groups that had participated the UNM (USA) intensive training program in 2019 and 2020.

As a result of the immense interest shown in the 2020 FISU World Forum held at the University of Physical Education, Budapest between 12 and 14 August, all programmes will be made available on the digital platform for those who have registered.