Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the 4th Sport and Innovation International Conference was successfully completed. The event was organized by the University of Physical Education of Budapest and the National Handball Academy of Balatonboglár.

The third 3-week Teaching Excellence Program has been successfully completed in collaboration with the University of New Mexico in online form in July. The main goal of the program is to develop the professional and intercultural skills of  UPE faculties who will play a key role in the internationalization of UPE in connection with future full-time and part-time courses in English.

This week will see the beginning of the 2021/2022 academic year at the Hungarian University of Physical Education (UPE) that celebrates its 96th anniversary. Those starting their studies at UPE (TE, formerly called TF) can say they will be enrolled at the institution during exciting times of change.   

Following the successful organization of the first online coaching course last year (2020) in collaboration with the ICF (International Canoe-Kayak Federation) and UPE (University of Physical Education, UPE proposed to re-run the program, which was accepted by ICF.

The University of Physical Education and the University of Bern organized a three-part English-language webinar series built around the theme of sports motivation. On each occasion, the focus was on motivating different age groups to be physically active: 1. the young  2. adults 3. older adults. The events provided participants with useful and valuable knowledge, who had participated mostly from German-speaking areas.

In the context of an emerging collaboration between the University of Physical Education, Budapest and the University of Bern, supported by the Hungarian Embassy in Bern, the two institutional partners are conjointly launching a webinar series in May, 2021, followed by consecutive webinar series each term.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the representatives of the University of Physical Education have participated a one-day visit to fulfill the invitation of the Embassy of Bern and to strengthen the partnership with our new institutional partner, the University of Bern.