Many turn up at the biomechanics symposium held at HUSS

The international scientific symposium entitled "Biomechanics in Sport and Ageing" was held on Wednesday at the Hungarian University of Sports Science with the participation of almost 160 members, including several foreign students.

The Department of Kinesiology organised a half-day symposium on biomechanics in the university lobby and the Dr Koltai Jenő Sports Centre on Wednesday 11 October. Almost half of the participants came from abroad, which shows the international importance of the event.

The event started with an opening speech by Professor Zsolt Radák, Vice Rector of the Science and Innovation, followed by a lecture entitled "Biomechanics of the Achilles tendon" by Toni Arndt, Professor at the Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences.

Then Taian Martins Vieira, Assistant Professor at the Technical University of Turin, spoke about the role of electromyography in muscle excitation, followed by the presentation "Gait biomechanics in aging" by Dr Tibor Hortobágyi, Research Professor at HUSS. Next in line was Uros Marusic, Assistant Professor at the Slovenian Institute for Kinesiology Research, who gave a presentation on " Exploring gait dynamics through Mobile Brain/Body Imaging", followed by Toni Arndt, who spoke on the biomechanics of advanced footwear technology on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the International Society of Biomechanics. The morning programme concluded with a round-table discussion.

Óriási volt az érdeklődés a TF biomechanikai szimpóziumán 2

In the afternoon, Dr András Hegyi from the Department of Kinesiology and Taian Martins Vieira gave a lecture with measurements entitled " The use of high-density EMG in high-speed" at the Dr Koltai Jenő Sports Centre, which was still attended by almost 100 people.

"Toni Arndt's lecture on sports shoes really caught my attention, as we rarely hear about how advanced the technology of sports shoes is", said Blanka Székely, a first-year student of the MSc programme of the Department of Kinesiology. “I was also impressed by the lecture on the Achilles tendon, which made me feel closer to the topic."

"It's a pity I have to go back to Turin so soon, but I promise I'll make up for the rest soon," said Taian Martins Vieira, who, coming from Turin, surprisingly is not a Juventus but a Torino FC fan. “The organisation is great, and I was delighted to see how many students came to the lectures. The audience is excellent, you can see how interested they are in the subject. They came to Budapest to learn, and I am sure they will go home with a lot of good experiences."

Biomechanics is the main topic at the university this week, as the series of lectures entitled "Basics of Biomechanical Modelling with OpenSim", started on Monday and will end on Friday.

Photo by Attila Nemes

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