International Days in HUSS begin

Tuesday saw the beginning of the International Days (IDIH 2023) that is currently being held at the Hungarian University of Sports Science (HUSS).

The representatives of the partner universities and institutions were welcomed at the official opening of the event by the Rector Prof Dr Tamás Sterbenz at the Hungarian University of Physical Education and Sport Sciences.

During the three-day programme, which last from 25th until 27th April, you can meet representatives and speakers from renowned universities. The IDIH 2023 provide a platform at HUSS for domestic and international experts to share insights into their work and experiences through talks and roundtable discussions as well as explore the possibilities of international cooperation as well as projects.

The first day of the programme series saw international partner meetings and a campus tour. Although the event started at 9 am, the official opening took place in the early afternoon.

It was Dr Tamás Sterbenz Rector, Dr Csaba Ökrös, Vice-Rector General and Dr habil Judit Kádár, Head of the International Relations Centre (IRC) that welcomed the delegates of the partner institutions, including the Serbian Institute of Sports and Sports Medicine, Tesla University in Belgrade, the Tirana Sports University, the New Mexico State University, the Utah State University, the ILEPS University of Sports Sciences in France and other foreign partner institutions.

In addition to the delegates from higher education institutions, the Ambassador of the Philippines to Hungary, Frank R. Cimafranca, the President of the Sino-European Institute, Anny Gao, and representing the Sports Diplomacy Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Krisztián Baranyai was also present at the meeting.

International Days in HUSS begin

Before the speeches, Katalin Lakos, colleague of NRC welcomed the guests. It was followed by a welcome speech delivered by HUSS Rector.

"I'm glad that as rector, this time I have to give a speech and not a lecture," he began with a joke. ”I welcome all of you, including the representatives of the international universities and embassies present, as well as the students. If I counted correctly, twelve countries came to participate in the three-day event, which is a good example of our growing international network. On behalf of our institution, renewed in name and in its objectives last year, I would like to invite you to sit around the table with the intention of engaging in joint research and sharing ideas in the future. Remember, sport is the best tool to connect nations I hope to see you here next year as well to continue the cooperation we have just started."

The Rector went on to mention briefly the international trainings that have been running at HUSS for some time, including sports diplomacy and various sports coaching courses.

Then Head of the NRI, Judit Kádár addressed the audience.

"Our university strives to develop cooperation not only with a number of countries but also in different areas. We have some long-standing relationships, others are just emerging, while some of you I have just met. In two years' time, our university will be a hundred years old, and as part of that we are making significant institutional improvements and we want to expand our international relations as well. I urge you to enjoy this meeting, talk to each other as much as possible and take the opportunity to build relationships."

IDIH 2023 continues on Wednesday with a varied and exciting programme. Among other things, the World Leisure Day will be in focus, during which the World Leisure Organization (WLO) Youth Ambassadors will meet under the leadership of Dr Miklós Bánhidi, Associate Professor of the Department of Recreation at HUSS.

Photo: Vidor Gergely

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