Austrian-Hungarian academic relationship has risen to a new level

Following the summer meeting in Austria, on 20 September 2017 the representatives of the University of Physical Education received a four-member delegation from the Pädagogische Hochschule (PH) of Eisenstadt in Budapest. The delegation included Mag. Sabine Weisz, Rector, Mag. Inge Strobl-Zuchtriegl, Rector Assistant, Dr. Gundl Rauter, Professional Practice Institute, Leader, and Mag. Rosemarie Lehner, Primary School Development Institute, Leader.

Austrian Hungarian academic relationship has risen to a new level (Lajos Mocsai)

Prof. Dr. h.c. Lajos Mocsai rector and the new rector of PH Burgenland, Mag. Sabine Weisz signed a memorandum of understanding that prepares the future cooperation of the two institutions. The meeting was also attended by Zsolt Bóta, the First deputy of the Hungarian Embassy in Vienna, who has expressed the Ambassador’s full support for the institutional leaders. Dr. Ferenc Genzwein Chancellor, Othmar Michl, President of the Economic Advisory Board of the University of Physical Education and the Head of the International Relations Directorate, Dr. Judit Kádár and Andrea Rédli, Coordinator for International Relations.

The partner institutions coordinated their ideas, outlined their possibilities in both educational and research fields. As a short-term task, the parties have set up the establishment of two professional committees which first focus on the specific areas of cooperation and the sub-tasks of implementation, focusing on their own institutional possibilities first and then jointly by working together.

Austrian Hungarian academic relationship has risen to a new level

Deputy rector Magister Inge Strobl-Zuchtriegl has invited the leaders of the Physical Education University to attend the International Conference "I-days" organized by the PH Burgenland in Eisenstadt in November, 2017. This event will provide an excellent opportunity for a personal, substantive discussion, and can raise the professional collaboration of the two institutions to a higher level.

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