German Sport University Cologne and University of Münster to host Pannonia scholarship holders

Györgyi Koppa, partnership coordinator of the International Relations Centre (IRC) at the Hungarian University of Sports Science (TF) visited Cologne and Münster, where she had a meeting with Head of the International Office Dr Gerald King (German Sport University Cologne) and Rosemary Dubbeldam (University of Münster).

Both universities confirmed their intention to strengthen their partnerships. As a result, it was agreed that both universities will sign an inter-institutional agreement with the TF on the Pannonia Scholarship Programme, under which Hungarian students will be able to study in Cologne and Münster for short or long periods from September 2024.

German students and teachers will continue to have the opportunity to come to study at TF through the Erasmus+ programme. Prof. Dr Ansgar Thiel, the new Rector of the Cologne Sports University, is open to the idea of stimulating international relations. We congratulate him on his new position and wish him all the best as the head of one of Europe's most prestigious sports universities.

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