Negotiations in Switzerland

The three-member delegation of the Hungarian University of Sports Science (HUSS) held discussions with several partners in Switzerland at the end of March.

On March 26th, Director of International Relations Dr habil. Judit Kádár, Head of Operations András Szabó, and International Relations Coordinator Gabriella Sztojalovszky visited the University of Bern. The partner university was represented by Professor Claudio R. Nigg, Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Professor Siegfried Nagel, Dean of the Faculty of Sport Management and Sports Sociology, as well as instructors Dr Christian Moesch and Dr Pascal Stegmann, Valentina Fischle, Head of the Worksite Wellness project, and Yesim Ege Vogel, Secretary of the Faculty of Sport Science.

The purpose of the meeting was to establish closer cooperation in sports science between the two institutions. The University of Bern and HUSS have been successfully organizing joint webinars for four years, but both parties believe that more projects could be linked between the two universities creating more opportunities for collaboration, including in the fields of sports management and recreation, as well as the Healy Campus project. Additionally, the University of Bern confirmed its participation in the 2025 EASM Conference, which will be hosted by our university.

During the visit, representatives from the University of Bern provided insight into their institution's operations, and there was an opportunity to visit sports facilities. They highlighted the fencing, judo, and basketball centers as successful examples, and showcased new digitally projectable sports performance measurement tools, as well as the sports athlete sleep camp maintained by the University of Bern. Representatives from the University of Bern and HUSS plan further negotiations on collaboration.

On March 27th, the HUSS delegation met with representatives of the International Canoe Federation, on which you can read a separate cover here.

On March 28th, the HUSS delegation began their day in Lausanne, where they met with representatives from the International Olympic Committee's Olympic Solidarity (OS). The primary focus was on the nearly four-decade-long International Coaching Course (ICC) operated in cooperation. Strategic current issues and future joint plans were discussed at the prestigious and cordial event. Yassine Yousfi from the International Olympic Committee’s Olympic Solidarity was present at the meeting.

In addition to current issues of ICC, discussions also covered TF's sports coaching and sport diplomacy postgraduate programs in the search for common paths. The NET alumni were also discussed in relation to joint promotion considering the 2024 Paris Olympics, considering the international students' Olympic participation, positions, and progression as promotional value. A shared database is also being prepared for NET alumni coaching careers.

HUSS delegation returned home with a sense of successful collaboration and commenced the agreed-upon work.


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