International success of the International Coaching Course

Several media of Olympic Solidarity (IOC) scholarship holder countries reported on the International Coaching Course (ICC) at the Hungarian University of Sports Science (HUSS). One of them is the Bahrain Tennis Federation.

The Bahrain Tennis Federation promotes ICC on its Instagram page and in Afrosports, the Ugandan police force also mentions the training which has been organised by the Hungarian University of Sports Science (TF) for more than 30 years and is reaching more and more countries, thus increasing the international competitiveness of the aspiring countries and their recognition in terms of training, which is an important basis for their success in Olympic and/or world competitions.

The leading academics at HUSS feel it is their personal mission to help international students, the sports scene in many countries, and to ensure their future career progression through personal contacts after graduation.

International success of the International Coaching Course

Courses include Sport Management (instructor: professor Tamás Sterbenz, Rector), Training Theory (instructor: professor  Zsolt Radák), Sport injuries, Exercise physiology (instructor: DR Zsuzsanna Kneffel), Ethics in sport (instructor: Dr Botond Csuka), Sport psychology (instructor: Dr Noémi Gyömbér), Science in sport (instructor: Dr Tihanyi József, rector emeritus), Sport sociology (instructor: Dr Dóczi Tamás), Sport pedagogy (instructor: Csordás-Makszin Ágnes), Human biology (instructor: Dr Farkas Anna), Biomechanics (instructor: Ádám Hegedűs) or Sport nutrition (instructors: Flóra Szakszon, Virág Jenes-Kis, Kinga-Shenker-Horváth, Margita Szilágyi-Utczás) and Conditioning (instructor: Miklós Metzing).

In addition to the theoretical subjects, the practical subjects, which international students study in 100 hours, are of crucial strength and quality for the work of the countries that are members of the Olympic organisation. These are: handball (Dr Csaba Ökrös, Deputy General Vice-Rector, Dr Zoltán Marczinka), basketball (Zoltán Boros), volleyball (Zoltán Jókay), judo (Dr Endre Németh), swimming (Dr János Egressy, Dr Nikoletta Nagy, Bence Molnár), tennis (Marcell Dékány), water polo (Dénes Lukács), wrestling (Gábor Farkas).


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