International Coaching Course creates lifelong relationships

We talked about the background, status and importance of the International Coach Course (ICC) held at the Hungarian University of Sports Science (HUSS) with András Szabó, member of the International Relations Centre (IRC) at HUSS.

As reported recently, the graduation ceremony of the International Coaching Course (ICC) of the Hungarian University of Sports Science was held on 30 May, concluding the ten-week course. We also asked András Szabó from the International Relations Centre at HUSS bout the background and significance of the course, which is popular worldwide.

"With the support of the International Olympic Committee, this training has been running at our university for more than three decades, more precisely, for thirty-two years, and it is of strategic importance," said András Szabó. "There are only four similar training courses in the world, and one of them is at the Hungarian University of Sports Science, of which we are very proud."

There are two main branches of the course: theoretical and practical. It is a major achievement to get in, and it is internationally renowned.

"You have to meet strict criteria to be admitted," András Szabó continued.” Only one student per country can be admitted, and for the semester that just ended we had one applicant from each of the fifty-two countries, and we could only select twelve of them. Our students started the programme on 2 April and had to sit exams in thirteen theoretical subjects. The next International Coaching Course will run from the second of October to the first of December in autumn, and I should mention here that we are also running eight to ten-week international coaching courses, because we have contracts with a number of international sports federations, such as fencing, kayak and canoe as well as gymnastics. In fact, IRC is also looking to launch international training in sports diplomacy."

Of course, we also asked András Szabó about the students’ feedback, and he revealed a very important and valuable "detail".

"You could see the joy and happiness of the participants. There had been a great atmosphere since the beginning of the course. We have an internal mailing group, where members of the semester have written personal messages about unforgettable experiences, useful and valuable knowledge and experience. One of the main benefits of this training is the development of lifelong relationships and friendships, and there were several occasions when our graduates asked us for help and cooperation in developing a project. The case of Maria Portela is a good example of the cohesiveness of the community. The world-famous Brazilian Olympic judoka found out she was expecting a baby during her training here, which has just ended, and we surprised her with a HUSS baby suit."


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