Fulbright Day held at HUSS

On Friday, 24 February, the Rome Hall of the Hungarian University of Sport Sciences (HUSS) hosted the Fulbright Day. Professors of several Hungarian universities and professor John Barnes from the US, who was granted a Fulbright Scholarship to teach at HUSS, gave a lecture.

The event started at 14:00 on Friday afternoon. Welcome speech was delivered by Dr Judit Kádár, Head of the International Relations Centre of our university, Professor Tamás Sterbenz, Rector of the university and John Barnes, Fulbright visiting professor.

The meeting featured introductory presentations on three topics followed by a half-hour discussion.

Prof. Dr. Péter Szalay, Head of Department at ELTE, gave a speech entitled "Universities today”, Professor Róbert Gábriel, Director of the Institute of Biology at the University of Pécs, spoke about the university's operations, while Professor Zita Zoltayné Paprika, Vice President for International Relations and Accreditation at Corvinus University of Budapest delivered a lecture titled "The International Mission of the University".

Fulbright Day held at HUSS

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