Diplomatic simulation game held at HUSS

The Sports Examination Centre of the Hungarian University of Sports Science organised a diplomatic simulation game in English on Monday 14 November. The 90-minute event was sponsored by the US Embassy in Hungary through a grant.

Diplomáciai szimulációt tartottak a TF en 1

The unusual event was hosted by representatives of the Embassy for the staff of the Sports Examination Centre, the International Relations Center and the students of the sports diplomacy course in the university’s Rome Room.

Participants learn about the practical side of diplomacy and develop their negotiation and conflict management skills. They can also experience how to negotiate and find mutually beneficial solutions to the serious problems of today’s world in a small group guided role play session called diplomatic simulation.

In contrast to reading or watching a video, simulation games have the advantage of being highly effective in developing negotiation and conflict management skills, mainly because the knowledge acquired through experience is the most durable.

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