The IJF Academy and the Georgian Judo Federation Delegation Visit at our Universtiy

In line with the MoU signed in 2019 by IJF President and the Rector of the Hungarian University of Sports Science (HUSS), David Kevkhishvili, Vice-president of the Georgian Judo Federation, Dr. Lasha Aladoshvili, medical doctor of the Georgian Judo Federation, and Envic Galea, Chair of IJF Academy, Dr. Tibor Kozsla, Head of Institution of IJF Academy, and Dr. Péter Hidas, member of the medical commission of European Judo Union and IJF Academy have visited our University on July 7, 2022.

The IJF Academy and the Georgian Judo Federation Delegation Visit at our Universtiy

The purpose of the delegation's visit was to get to know the laboratory system operated at HUSS and to build a relationship with the specialists working at the University for the future construction of a similar analytical complex in Georgia. The delegation was welcomed by Alexandra D'Ess Sabina, International relations coordinator of the International Relations Center.

According to the pre-arranged program, the visit began at the Research Center for Sport Physiology, where Dr. Zsolt Szelíd and Dr. Ambrus Míra informed the interested parties about the scientific researches being carried out in the organizational unit, as well as the various diagnostic instrument systems found in the laboratory. After that, the members of the delegation held a meeting in the Rector's Office with Rector Dr. Tamás Sterbenz and Dr. Judit Kádár, International director regarding the cooperation opportunities of the organizations. Mr. Kristóf Világi represented the Technology and Knowledge Transfer Center at these talks. The delegation attended a lunch based on the athletes' menu, during which Prof. Dr. Éva Martos provided detailed information on the importance of athletes' meals. Finally, the program ended with a visit to the Center of Sports Nutrition Science under the leadership of Professor Martos. Following a presentation on the professional work in the laboratory, the nutritional habits of the Georgian judo athletes were discussed, along with the possible ways to implement effective changes to improve their performance in a safe way.

This meeting series was a successful project initiative of the IJF Academy and HUSS to introduce the extended experiences of HUSS in the science of performance development in Judo. The Georgian Judo Federation is one of the first federations to start an IJF Academy program on a national basis and is delivering remarkable international results.

The partners hope that this experience will be offered to all IJF national federations.

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