ILEPS visit to HUSS

Last Thursday, our University hosted a delegation from ILEPS, our new French partner. The partnership between the two institutions is based on an Erasmus partnership, the ILEPS international office contacted us at the end of 2021 to explore if we can expand the partnership beyond Erasmus, too. Quite soon, we could welcome the first in person visit of the ILEPS delegation in Budapest.

ILEPS visit to HUSS

The Inter-Institutional Agreement allows the students, faculty and staff of both universities to take part in mobility activities.

The ILEPS delegation consisted of: Prof. Dr. Philippe Rouden Dean, Bastien Redding Vice-Dean, Elsa Carton International coordinator), Anaïs Burghart Roessle International coordinator. On HUSS side, a team of academic, research and international representatives welcomed the delegation: Prof. dr. Gábor Géczi, Head of the Sport Management Department; Dr. Zsombor Lacza, Vice-rector for innovation, Dr. Judit Kádár, International director, Lilla Szekeres and Dorottya Rekecki, Student mobility coordinators and Sabina D’Ess Partnership coordinator.

Among various prospective areas of collaboration, both parties agreed to cooperate in the field of LTAD and an outdoor sports project in the framework of different Erasmus + Sport project opportunities. Furthermore, HUSS has received an initiative to host ILEPS students for a week-long seminar in Sport Management on the topic of sport facility management.

Regarding the question of credit mobility for students, we decided to create a Mobility Window, in order to enhance credit recognition both ways. We cherish hopes for a prosperous partnership and have started the work on the specified goals.

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