Promo film debuts at the University of Physical Education

The digital development of the University of Physical Education (UPE) is currently underway, which is represented by the LED wall installed in the lobby. The screen displays important information for students and it also features a new short film. The wall is used to draw attention to the importance of proper prevention during the second wave of the pandemic.

We are asking UPE employees and students to take the call #vigyazzunkegymasra (#letstakecareofeachother) seriously because the coronavirus is on the increase and we should do our best to ensure that life can still be normal as much as possible.

In addition to drawing everyone’s attention to the use of medical face masks and fertilisers as well as the importance of regular handwashing, the short film displayed on the LED wall intends to promote the university’s plans to carry out developments that are significant even at a global level. The film was made by two experienced and acknowledged TV experts. The documentary film specialist Anikó Nagy directed the film while György Farkas acted as the cameraman.

The UPE ‘promo movie’ and the other contents of the video wall can be watched here and in the lobby as well.

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