MEFOB championships remain unaffected by the pandemic

Unlike many Hungarian first league championships in team sports, the ones organized by the Hungarian University Sports Federation (HUSF) have so far been unaffected by the coronavirus pandemic. There is a glimmer of hope that the domestic university sports scene will be the one and only to remain untouched by Covid-19.

MEFOB championships remain unaffected by the pandemic

The number of Hungarian elite athletes catching the coronavirus is on the increase. As a result, all the first league championships in team sports have experienced difficulties in Hungary. A few games had to be postponed already in the Hungarian Handball Premier League, and the Hungarian Water Polo League has also been affected. As regards the Hungarian National Hockey League, 3 out of 10 teams had a delayed start to the current season. In addition, many players of Puskás Akadémia  appearing in the Hungarian National Football League tested positive.

We hope that the basketball and volleyball season to start soon will go smoothly and other sports events will be held despite the spread of the virus.

Although we should accept the fact that both the Hungarian and the international elite sport has to be run amid the pandemic, it is not easy to tolerate the new circumstances. Fans must resign themselves to games being cancelled in the very last moment as it happened with the Hungarian womens’ handball team Ferencváros. As known, two of its players tested positive just before the clash with Norwegian Vipers Kristianstand in the Champions League and thus the European Handball Federation (EHF) had to cancel the game.

We could continue to list similar cases, however, this will not be of any help. It is difficult to name a sport or a sports event that has not been affected either in Hungary or abroad. Yet, the Hungarian University Sports Championships (HUSC) is an exception to the rule. 

In August, the University Athletics, Beach Volleyball and Beach Handball Championships were held smoothly, and the same applies to the Triathlon and Rowing Championships that were run in September. However, the best is yet to come! The rest of September will see the University Half Marathon, Weightlifting, Duathlon and Ultimate Frisbee Champs coming, and in October, students can put their skills to the test in powerlifting, running relay and dragon boat races. 

Some might think that this is not much to offer and the choice should be wider. ‘Grasp all, lose all’ as the proverb goes, and we should remember that. Prof. Dr. h. c. Lajos Mocsai, Rector of the University of Physical Education (UPE) and the newly elected President of the Hungarian University Sports Federation emphasized that the domestic university elite sport has got a great future, and the championships’ level should be raised. There is only one enemy called coronavirus – let’s not let it ruin the game!

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