Lajos Mocsai meets EUSA President Adam Roczek online

Two prominent figures of international university sports discussed important issues last week. Newly elected president of the Hungarian University Sports Federation (HUSF) Prof. Dr. h. c. Lajos Mocsai and European University Sports Association (EUSA) President Adam Roczek met online and conducted fruitful discussions.

HUSF President Lajos Mocsai and EUSA President Adam Roczek meet online

Participants of the EUSA Chess and Bridge Championship in 2019 in Budapest

The recent changes seen in the Hungarian University Sports Federation (HUSF) have risen the interest of the international university sports scene: European University Sports Association (EUSA) President Adam Roczek initiated talks with HUSF’s newly elected President (UPE) Prof. Dr. h. c. Lajos Mocsai. who also acts as the Rector of the University of Physical Education (UPE), Hungary.

As known, Mr Mocsai was voted as the association’s new president for the next four-year term following HUSF’s General Assembly in August. He has plans to reform the Hungarian university sport. Another change seen recently in HUSF is that Péter Juhász was elected the new General Secretary of the association.

Due to the pandemic, Mr Mocsai and Mr Roczek took time from their schedules to meet online through Zoom, where the new HUSF president outlined his ambitious programme. He explained that he plans to use his knowledge and experience as the rector of UPE and HUSF president on the one hand, and his capacity as the Co-Chair of the Hungarian Rector’s Conference on the other.

Since the Hungarian government considers sport as a strategic sector, Mr Mocsai has six different fields he intends to develop, and he is confident that significant progress in the near future will result in a renaissance in university sports in Hungary.

EUSA President Mr Roczek emphasized that he is looking forward to continue the fruitful cooperation and working relationship between HUSF and EUSA. As a result, he hopes that in addition to last year’s European University Mindsports Championships organised by UPE and the 2024 European Universities Games scheduled to be held in the Hungarian cities of Miskolc and Debrecen, other international university sports events will take place in Hungary.

Speaking of the seventh European Universities Games, Mr Roczek outlined that EUSA and HUSF will probably build tighter relations in the coming years. Talks between the two associations are set to continue.

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