Regulations of entry into the area of UPE

Procedures regarding the rules of entering higher education institutions and special medical examination for foreign students, higher education staff and visitors.

I. General provisions

According to the government regulation 283/2020. (VI. 17.) on the epidemiological preparedness period, all higher education institutions should set precautions on safe entering of university grounds.

II. Rules pertaining to the entry and medical examination of all students and university staff entering university grounds

From the 5th of October until further notice, based on the current level of infectious cases rising in Hungary, the Rector and Chancellor of the University of Physical Education took the decision of introducing body temperature measurement once entering university grounds:

  1. Anyone being diagnosed with COVID-19 is not allowed to enter the campus.
  2. Entrance on university grounds is only possible through the main university building and the university's parking lot. Entrances on Győri út will be closed.
  3. Body measurement is taking place in the main building: only those not exceeding body temperature of 37.8 degree Celsius are allowed to enter the campus. If this happens on the first measuring, the second measurement will take place after 15 minutes. If after the second measuring, the body temperature remains in the acceptable range, the person is allowed to enter the campus.
  4. Please submit to the university reception the filled in and signed questionnaire and declaration of risk assessment (in attachment below). With this document, the person does not need to be examined but on each occasion entering university campus, the document should be handed in. Further information is available in the full document by the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, State Secretary for Higher Education, Innovation and Vocational Training.
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