2020 FISU World Forum to be enjoyed for one more year

As a result of the immense interest shown in the 2020 FISU World Forum held at the University of Physical Education, Budapest between 12 and 14 August, all programmes will be made available on the digital platform for those who have registered.

2020 FISU World Forum to be enjoyed for one more year

As previously reported, the International University Sport Federation’s (FISU) first historical digital World Forum saw a record number of participants. The event was hosted by the Hungarian University of Physical Education (UPE), with the Hungarian University Sports Federation (HUSF) acting as a main partner.

As known, for the first time in FISU’s history, the event was staged online due to the coronavirus pandemic in a close agreement with FISU representatives and technology provider Digital Success Programme (DSP).

Even the organisers were surprised to see that nearly 1,500 university students and teachers from a total of 105 countries participated, and an additional 1,000 external visitors who have not registered for the Forum visited the programmes.

Following the closure of the event, many informed the organising committee that they were unable to follow the programme live due to the difference between the time zones. Several participants inquired whether they will be able to review the event. They were informed that the whole programme is likely to be available soon for those who have registered. HUSF representatives indicated that the organisers have already started to upload the materials which can be seen on the platform. A great deal of material including parallels, workshops and even the eSport championship has been made available. All you need to do is click on the ‘Review’ button in programme on the digital platform.

HUSF Deputy Secretary General Mr. György Kovács informed that all materials will be accessible soon, however, it has yet to be revealed when. Nor is it known at the moment when the PowerPoint presentations of the lectures will be uploaded. He indicated that only few materials were documented in this format. Therefore he suggested that participants should check the website on daily bases. Information technology provider rentIT representatives said that the whole programme of the 2020 FISU World Forum can be reviewed for one year until 14 August 2021.

As emphasized earlier, one of the main advantages of digital forums and conferences is that lectures and workshops become part of the digital knowledge base thus they can be analysed and used as a reference in the future.

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