Scientific collaboration with Gedik University

Between 17 and 27 March, assistant professor of our university, Dr Míra Ambrus was received by our partner institution, Gedik University in Istanbul, where she held a seminar within the framework of a joint international project.

Dr Míra Ambrus was welcomed by Dr Seyed Houtan Shahidi, adjunct professor at the Department of Sports Science and Head of the Sports Performance Laboratory, and Dr Seydi Ahmet Agaoglu, the Dean of the Faculty of Sports Science. Dr Seyed Houtan Shahidi at Gedik University in Istanbul is an exceptional expert in human performance optimization and sports research.

Dr Míra Ambrus participated in the partner university project called "Cardiovascular Endurance." During her stay at Gedik University, Dr Míra Ambrus held a seminar on gait analysis and dynamic knee valgus measurements. Furthermore, she conducted several hours of fitness tests and sports physiology sessions for Turkish students.

Gedik University has been our partner for years, where we collaborate not only on scientific foundations but also within the framework of the Erasmus+ program. Dr Míra Ambrus's work further accelerates the ties, thus creating a new dimension in our even closer cooperation.



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