International Workshop at HUSS on Physical Education

Pierre Gégout, Associate Professor at CY-ILEPS University, the French "little TF", will hold a workshop on "Physical Education in Modern Societies" in March at the Hungarian University of Sports Science (TF).

Pierre Gégout, an Associate Professor at the CY-ILEPS university in Paris, is preparing for one of the biggest events in his life. For the first time in his academic career, he is addressing foreign students in class in English.

A philosophy and aesthetics teacher from the French capital will hold a workshop on "Physical Education in Modern Science" in English on 13 and 21 March in room C102 of the main building, hopefully in front of many TF students.

It was at last April's International Days held at TF when he first met the representatives of the university and the teacher of the Department of Social Sciences, Dr Botond Csuka. This is when the idea came that he should give it a go as a teacher at TF. He arrived in the Hungarian capital last Sunday, and is preparing for the workshops, now representing TF, even if only for three weeks.

He says ILEPS is a small private university in Paris, or as he calls it, a "little French TF", where physical education teachers, sports managers and professionals who want to work in the sports business are trained. Pierre teaches philosophy of education, history of pedagogy, aesthetics and a bit of sociology.

"The two workshops will focus on the philosophy of physical education and the modern body culture," he explains enthusiastically. "The latter will be very interesting, as it will also discuss, among other things, what society is doing to the human body, what it is forcing us to do – just think about obesity for example. I hope that the topics are good and eye-catching, and I look forward to seeing everyone at the workshop."

Pierre used to have a Hungarian girlfriend, so he is able to express himself quite well in Hungarian, and despite the fact that he often doesn't understand what is said to him, he is eager to continue with his Hungarian lessons.

"I need a challenge in my life and learning Hungarian is exactly that. Prepositions give me a hard time though”, he sighs.

Although he is not very familiar with sport, he does know that the Hungarian record champion handball team Telekom Veszprém has brilliant French players who are Olympic, World and European Champions: "Remili, Fabregas, Mahé, Descat", he's just listing the names.

If all goes well, in three weeks he will know even more about Hungarian sport, TF and TF students.

Pierre! Welcome on board!

Click here to read the English description of the two workshops.


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