János Egressy's students performed well at the World Aquatics Championships

Two students of the Hungarian University of Sports Science, Eszter Szabó-Feltóthy and Mira Szimcsák made a memorable performance at the 2024 Quatar World Aquatics Championships that took place between 2 and 18 February.

Dr János Egressy, Head of the Department of Swimming and Aquatic Sports at the Hungarian University of Sports Science returned home from the recently concluded World Aquatics Championships proud and happy, as two of his students achieved brilliant results. Eszter Szabó-Feltóthy, aged 22, finished fourth in the women's 200m backstroke, while the 20-year-old Mira Szimcsák won a bronze medal as a member of the Hungarian open water relay team.

Egressy János tanítványai remekeltek a dohai vizes világbajnokságon

"She has already swum in the finals at the European Championships, but this is the first time she has been to the World Championships, and I am sure this is not the last time," said Dr János Egressy about Eszter Szabó-Feltóthy. “She has had her Olympic quota for a year now, has swum the Olympic level eight times since then, won a bronze medal at last summer's University World Championships and was just one step away from third place in Doha. We were hoping she would make it to the finals. She far exceeded expectations, finishing in a very high scoring position, making her the most successful woman in the Hungarian swimming team at this World Championships, which is a huge achievement."

Egressy János tanítványai remekeltek a dohai vizes világbajnokságon 2

Mira Szimcsák won a world championship medal after finishing third in the very popular open water relay with Bettina Fábián, Kristóf Rasovszky and Dávid Betlehem. In this event, each team member has to swim 1,500 metres.

"Our tactic for years, and it worked again this time, is that the two girls swim first in the relay, followed by the boys", said János Egressy, "It was a sensational race, and in the end we managed to finish third behind Australia and Italy, ahead of Germany. It's the crowning glory of open water events, everyone loves it, it's exciting and spectacular, and although it's not an Olympic event at the moment, I hope it will be soon."

Egressy János tanítványai remekeltek a dohai vizes világbajnokságon 3

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