HUSS to welcome Hungarian-speaking applicants from the neighbouring countries as well

The Hungarian University of Sports Science (HUSS), which is to hold its centenary celebrations next year, is expecting young transboarder Hungarians to submit their applications. HUSS does not only offer a wide range of courses and sporting opportunities, but also a renewed infrastructure of high standard. Interview with Vice-rector for General Affairs Dr Csaba Ökrös.

“What makes HUSS attractive for Hungarian-speaking young people from abroad who are about to submit their university applications?”
“First and foremost because Hungary has always supported and helped the progress of Hungarians living beyond its borders, wherever it could, while at the same time trying to strengthen their sense of belonging to the motherland. Public and higher education are important channels through which this can be communicated in a targeted way. To cite just one relevant example, we have helped to launch several sports science courses in the recent past, the most recent of which is at Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania, where HUSS teachers are still happy to go to teach.”

“It is also worth mentioning that Budapest is close to the neighbouring countries.”
“It is indeed. The central location of the Hungarian capital makes it easily accessible. It is a city representing not only European quality, but in many ways it is world-class as well. Budapest offers a wide range of cultural and tourist attractions, and there is no shortage of international sporting events either. It should also be mentioned that HUSS also plays an important role in the domestic and Hungarian sports scene.”

“Maybe not only in the sports scene.”
“The number of degree courses and training programmes offered by the university has recently increased significantly. We screen students through a rigorous admissions system, which is important to mention because we have a significant level of oversubscription every year. But perhaps even more importantly, young people who graduate at HUSS have a good chance of finding a job in the labour market. Based on the feedback from the sports industry, it can be said that HUSS graduates have the knowledge that meets the demands of the labour market.”

HUSS to welcome Hungarian speaking applicants from the neighbouring countries as well 1

“Do you mean the demand of the Hungarian public schools that badly need PE teachers?”
“Partly. I also mean HUSS students graduating at sports management working at sports organisations and various companies. But I could also mention a number of our other courses, such as sports law or sports facility management. Our greatest strength is that we offer all the training courses that prepare students for being able to carry out all sports- and sports science-related activities in real-life situations.”

“What about courses in English for international students?”
“Our bachelor and master sport coaching courses are available in different sports. Those interested however need to fulfil an important criterion, which is a substantial and diverse knowledge of the sport they have chosen. The bachelor's programme focuses on training and coaching of athletes, including both junior and senior sports, while the master's programme provides students with a deeper understanding of the structure and strategic planning of a sport through a scientific approach and professional content. Our teaching staff is made up of outstanding figures from the domestic sporting scene, many of whom are internationally renowned.”

“What are the new courses that are likely to be popular?”
“We are now launching our sports diplomacy program, which is set to be one of our most popular courses by far. We are also launching a motor sport manager course for enthusiasts of technical sports in partnership with Széchenyi István University in Győr. We are looking forward to see transboarder Hungarians at these course as well.”

“What else has the university to offer for applicants?”
“The university's sports club, TFSE, offers a wide range of sports for students who want to play both team and individual sports. We have teams in the first division, such as the women's basketball team, but there is also something for those who want to play sport at amateur level for recreational purposes. The university's Sports Office and the Student Council offer recreational and community programmes that not only play an important role in community building, but also help students to gain useful experience in other areas and to learn about Hungary's culture.”

“Should transborder applicants expect any difficulties in integration?”
“Although the university still has some infrastructural problems to overcome, I do not think that this will have a significant impact on the integration of international students. Students from other countries who do not speak the Hungarian language at all have no problems being integrated, let alone those who live abroad but speak Hungarian. Everyone is warmly welcome.

Source: Új Szó


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