HUSS International Halloween Party: A Night of Spooky Fun

On October 26th, the Hungarian University of Sports Science (HUSS) transformed into a global Halloween extravaganza, thanks to the International Relations Centre (IRC). Students and faculty, dressed in a variety of hilarious and chilling costumes, came together for an unforgettable night of fright and delight.

The night began with a delicious Pizza Dinner that fuelled attendees for the upcoming activities. Laughter and creativity filled the air as participants carved their own jack-o'-lanterns during the Pumpkin Carving session, adding a luminous touch to the evening.

The Spooky Quiz tested everyone's knowledge of eerie and mysterious subjects, creating an electric atmosphere of competition.

Face Painting and Glitter Tattoos added a final touch of glamour and spookiness for those looking for a transformation.

HUSS welcomed international students from around the world, who embraced the Halloween spirit in fun and cheeky costumes. The surprise highlight of the night was the enthusiastic participation of teaching faculty, showing their dedication to fostering a sense of belonging.

The International Halloween Party was a collaborative effort with the University Student Union (HÖK) and their sponsors, who contributed to the event's magical ambiance.

The HUSS International Halloween Party showcased the power of unity and diversity, highlighting the university's commitment to inclusivity and cultural exchange. It was a night of making connections and creating lasting memories.

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