Brand new sports facility opens near HUSS campus

The new sports complex of the Hungarian University of Sports Science named after Dr Jenő Koltai was inaugurated on Monday in the presence of several distinguished guests. This is certainly the beginning of a new chapter in the almost 100-year history of the university.

The old 3000-square-metre sports hall was completely destroyed by fire in October 2015. However, a year later, the then rector, Prof Dr Lajos Mocsai, received a government promise to build a new complex on Csörsz Street, on the site of the old sports centre named after Dr Jenő Koltai.

Construction began in September 2020, which was the second phase of Buda's largest campus development in the heart of the 12th district near the BAH hub based on the plans of TSPC Ltd. and carried out by ZÁÉV Construction Ltd.


The work, which took three years, resulted in the development of an 8,000 square metre athletics track with an IAAF 2 international classification, including a football pitch on live grass, on an area of almost 40,000 square metres. An artificial grass football pitch and two acrylic hard-cover tennis courts have also been completed.

The sports centre also includes a multi-purpose sports hall with a capacity of 1,500 spectators, a multi-purpose hall with a 200-space underground garage and a 700-square-metre gym. The development was considered a major educational investment at regional level, with the primary aim of helping students and teachers to achieve high quality work.

Történelmi tanévnyitó ünnepség a Csörsz utcában 1

The sports complex will primarily be used by HUSS students, teachers and the university’s sports club named TFSE, and at a later stage, it will open to the public and other actors as well.

The ceremony was attended by the management of the university including Prof Dr Tamás Sterbenz Rector, Prof Dr Lajos Mocsai, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University Foundation, Prof Dr Zsolt Radák, Vice Rector for Science and Innovation, Dr Csaba Ökrös, Vice Rector for General Affairs and Dr habil Ákos Cserny, Vice Rector for Education.

Dr Balázs Hankó, Minister of State for Higher Education and Innovation of the Ministry of Culture and Innovation, Dr Ádám Schmid, Secretary of State for Sport of the Ministry of Defence, and Zoltán Pokorni, Mayor of the district.

Lajos Mocsai was the first to welcome the audience at the entrance of the hall. In his speech, he first briefly recalled the sad past, 15 October 2015, when the old sports hall burnt down, and then recalled that a year later the decision to rebuild the university was made.


“During the World Athletics Championships, Olympic, World and European champions tested the sports complex and were extremely satisfied with it. Sport, as a field of culture and science, has finally found a home worthy of our university's reputation," stressed the former rector.

Dr Ádám Schmidt said it was a great honour to be part of such an important historical moment for the university. He underlined that the new sports complex is the fruit of the cooperation of many actors and that the new facility will open up to students, teachers, athletes and professionals, enabling HUSS to meet the challenges.

Prof Dr Tamás Sterbenz called the sports centre one of the most important facilities in Hungarian sport. He said that this is the place where the sports professionals of the future will be trained, and in this way the university will contribute in the long term to the health of the Hungarian nation, the success of Hungarian sport and community building.

Photo by Gergely Vidor

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