The Fourth Teaching Excellence Program

The Fourth Joint “Teaching Excellence Program” of the Hungarian University of Sports Science and the University of New Mexico Has Been Completed by Our Colleagues.

This year again, HUSS and its partner university in the USA have organized their joint further training program, which provided an excellent opportunity for HUSS lecturers teaching in international programs to develop their skills in a native language environment.

The participants have gained an insight into the teaching methodologies applied by the University of New Mexico (UNM) faculty and had a chance to improve their language skills as well as do some professional networking. This year, a representative of the HUSS Library and an E learning expert were also given the opportunity to join the group since we believe that international programs can only be improved with a systematic internationalization and complex services that are based on effective collaboration of various units and areas.

UNM Group 4 received a hybrid education this time. The three-week training was structured as one week online and two weeks in person in Albuquerque (USA). On the UNM side, the program was organized by Dr. Sue Wilder, the new Global Program specialist of the UNM International Office (GEO), who has previously been a guest speaker at HUSS International Days, and Dr. Paul Edmunds, Director of CELAC (Center for English Language & American Culture), who earlier has also given several workshops at HUSS.

The campus facilities, atmosphere and teaching methodology of the American university have given our lecturers plenty of opportunities to develop their professional and intercultural skills and broaden their academic and sport network, which is essential for improving the quality of teaching in our international programs. Futhermore, better educational services contribute greatly to the increase in the number of international students set as a target in the University's Internationalization Strategy. UNM Group 4 included Dr. Míra Ambrus, Orsolya Balog, Dr. habil. Tamás Csányi, Kinga Kincső Horváth, Tamás Nusser, Dr. Katalin Rácz, Péter Szabó, Dr. Péter Szájer, József Széles and Vivien Ammerling.

ISM The program included English language classes, workshops on teaching methodology, including teaching excellence and classroom management. The training enabled our lecturers to learn about American teaching methods and to develop their English presentation skills and course description methods. In addition, the program, the organizers provided HUSS instructors with the opportunity to networking by facilitating pre-arranged meetings to build relationships and explore new opportunities between the two universities in different fields.

Congratulations to our colleagues, who have diligently completed the training and represented HUSS, following the first three groups. as well as did the teams of previous years. By now more than 40 HUSS instructors have attained a certificate from the UNM. Their knowledge and experiences are invaluable for the internationalization and quality education at our institution.

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