Three teachers at HUSS appointed as university professors

Three prominent personalities of the Hungarian University of Sports Sciences (HUSS), Dr habil. Márta Szmodis, Dr habil. Tamás Sterbenz and Dr habil. László Tóth have been appointed as university professors.

Márta Szmodis has been a member of the HUSS team for decades, she is an associate professor at the Department of Health Sciences and Sports Medicine, a certified biology professor, holds a PhD in human biology and has published on a number of topics. She has conducted research in population and athletic studies in the fields of human biology, genetics, nutrition and lifestyle.

Egyetemi tanári kinevezést kapott három TF es oktató

HUSS Rector Tamás Sterbenz, a maths teacher and qualified coach with a doctorate in economics, was born in Sopron in 1968. As a sportsman, he was a national basketball player and later, as a national captain, he also directed the professional work of the women's national team. Since 2014, he has held a senior position at HUSS where he also worked as a Vice Rector for General Affairs and Director of the Institute of Economics and Social Sciences. Last summer he was elected Rector of the university.

László Tóth, Director of the Teacher Training Institute, Associate Professor of the Department of Psychology and Sport Psychology, lecturer and researcher, who has 35 years of experience at HUSS, worked as a sports psychologist with the adult and junior men's and women's national ice hockey teams until August 2021. He also worked with swimmers, athletes, footballers and prepared water polo teams for national, European and World Championships.

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