Prof Dr Gábor Géczi: We bring exciting topics for the 5th Sport and Innovation Conference

The 5th edition of the Sport and Innovation Conference will be held between 14 and 16 September and it will be hosted by the Hungarian University of Sports Science in Budapest and the National Handball Academy in Balatonboglár. On the first day of the event, a workshop entitled Governance, Financing will be held in Section IV, where Prof Dr Gábor Géczi, Director of the Institute of Economics and Social Sciences of the university, Head of the Department of Sport Management will act as the moderator.

Géczi Gábor Izgalmas témákkal készülünk az V. Sport és Innováció Konferenciára

"We are preparing for the event with exciting topics. Our guests include Deputy State Secretary Gábor Schmidt from the State Secretariat for Sport of the Ministry of Defence, the President of the Hungarian Kayak-Kenu Federation, Krisztina András from the Research Centre for Sport Economics, Ferenc Dénes, a sports economist, and the former outstanding water polo goalkeeper István Gergely, the Executive President of the Budapest Honvéd Sports Club. Our central theme looks at where sport governance and financing in Hungary is actually heading. With energy prices spiralling out of control, the impact of which we can't even estimate, and the temporary suspension of state subsidies, this is a particularly important topic at the moment, and I think it will be one of the most popular programmes at the 5th Sport and Innovation Conference," Gábor Géczi said.

The head of the department added that we have already heard from the press that the state sports governance will undergo a major transformation in the autumn. Gábor Schmidt and the experts will also discuss how to make sport governance and the available resources currently earmarked for sport funding more efficient in the long term.

"We will not only get a theoretical insight into the subject, as Gábor Schmidt, István Gergely and myself will also bring examples from practice", Gábor Géczi stressed.

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