Hungarian news portal Index praises Ákos Koller’s research team

Dr Ákos Koller, Professor Emeritus of the Hungarian University of Sports Sciences (HUSS) and his research team are investigating what Covid-19 does to the brains of physically active and inactive people. Hungarian news portal cites that their research may answer the question whether there is a link between fitness, exercise and the duration or severity of symptoms.

Koller Ákos kutatócsoportját méltatta az Index

Ákos Koller and his team have won a research grant on post-Covid phenomena provided by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The project entitled ‘The effect of post-Covid-19 status on the reactivity of cerebral blood flow in physically active and inactive adults – Recognizing the preventive/rehabilitation role of sport’ is led by the professor.

Ákos Koller said that in the beginning, every research focused on the lungs where the main symptoms were. Later it turned out that the coronavirus attacks not only the lungs but all other organs as well.

‘The virus is transported by the bloodstream to the tissues and can attach itself almost anywhere,’ the professor explained. ’It is reasonable to assume that the virus also has a significant impact on the nervous system, which is displayed both physically and mentally.’

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