Thomas Bach to welcome representatives of 2020 FISU World Forum

Fourteen days before the kick-off of the FISU World Forum, which will be held online between 12th and 14th August due to the pandemic, the Organising Committee (OC) settled a couple of important issues. It was revealed that IOC President Thomas Bach will also give a speech at the opening ceremony.

Thomas Bach to welcome representatives of 2020 FISU World Forum

The OC of the 2020 FISU World Forum held its meeting on Tuesday at the University of Physical Education (UPE), Budapest. In addition to UPE representatives, it was attended by colleagues of the Hungarian University Sports Federation (HUSF) as well as the Forum’s Technology Provider Digital Success Programme (DSP).

Two weeks before the opening ceremony, the OC had to clarify some important issues. HUSF international relations director Ágnes Ancic-Valkai indicated that more than 250 people have registered for the event so far and the number of Hungarian students wishing to participate is also rising.

DSP representative Dr. Ferenc Dénes revealed that the event’s E-sport schedule has been finalised. Participants, among other things, can challenge each other in FIFA20 and mind sports online. The number of companies interested in the Virtual Expo is also on the rise.

The Forum’s programme has also been completed, while the lecturers’ list has yet to be finalised. As known, the Forum’s main theme is ‘Seventy years onward and still going strong’, while sub-themes include ‘Health and University Sport’, ‘Inclusion and University Sport’ and ‘Challenges for University Sport’, all of which look very promising to discuss. 

„I am absolutely convinced that both the E-sport and the mind sports sections will attract a lot of visitors”, said Ágnes Ancic-Valkai. “The Budapest virtual sightseeing tour is also one of a kind. I would like to emphasize that, unlike real conferences, the Forum will be entirely interactive, and participants can contribute a lot at the plenary sessions and workshops. The main point is that people will have a chance to discuss issues.”

Browsing through the programme to be made public soon, Ágnes Ancic-Valkai drew particular attention to the FISU Healthy Campus programme, which aims to educate university students to lead a healthy lifestyle and the workshops focussing on the Challenges in university sport (digitalisation) and the International day of University Sport (IDUS).

She also announced International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach and Hungarian Secretary of Sports Dr. Tünde Szabó will deliver a speech at the online opening ceremony.

It is important to note that those interested in participating in the Forum can register through only the national university sports federations (NUSF). The registration closes on 31st July.

At the end of the OC meeting, members decided to organise the press conference to be held on 10th August partly online, with one FISU member participating live.  

Process of registration:

  1. Send an e-mail to the local representative of your national university sports federation (NUSF) before going ahead with the registration process.
  2. Then you will get a code.
  3. Type this code into the registration platform and fill in the registration form.
  4. Your registration is completed.
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