Gratitude and recognition, it's good to be a volunteer

We would like to express our gratitude and sincere thanks to the volunteers who helped in the successful organization of the 40th European Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships. The event could not have taken place at such a high level without the dedicated work of the volunteers of the TF Volunteer and Sustainability Office.

Hungary was once again a worthy host of a prestigious event. Following a successful volunteer recruitment, 300 volunteers played a key role in the smooth running of the 40th European Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships. Volunteers assisted the organising committee in 15 areas, escorting athletes, welcoming arriving buses, providing information to spectators and supervising training and warm-up areas, among many other tasks. The staff of the Volunteer and Sustainability Office at the Hungarian University of Sports Science (TF), with 10 experienced volunteer coordinators, made an excellent team. Thanks to the volunteers' contribution, not only did the competitors and spectators enjoy an unforgettable experience, but the volunteers were also proud to have contributed to the success of a wonderful sporting event. Nothing is better testimony to the dedication of the team and the atmosphere of a shared experience than the photo taken with the Hungarian national team and the members of the organising committee, which will remain a lasting memory for all.

We are sure that the volunteers returned home with a pleasant experience and we hope that we can count on their active participation in the future.

Bause, as we all know, EVERYONE CAN BE EVERYONE!

Gratitude and recognition, it's good to be a volunteer

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