Katowice Sports University representatives pay visit to TF

Polish students from the Department of Recreation and Tourism of the Katowice Sports University (AWF) visited the Hungarian University of Sports Science (TF) recently.

The group consisting of six Polish Students paid a visit to the Hungarian University of Sports Science (TF) to familiarize themselves with TF and analyse the local sport and tourism potential.

The Polish delegation, led by adjunct professor Oskar Placek, held technical discussions with the representatives of the International Relations Centre and the Department of Recreation with the aim of developing an active and well-functioning relationship between the two institutions.

The representatives of the two universities agreed to keep each other informed about institutional training, courses and conferences. The colleagues are keen to participate in joint research programs and help publish their studies in local and international journals.

The short study tour was successful, which can be attributed to the fact that the guest students were open and showed interest in the topics discussed.

TF representatives are confident that this relationship will continue, and TF students will be able to travel to Poland to visit the campus of the Katowice Sports University in the near future.

A Katowice i Sportegyetem látogatása a TF en 1

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