Call for application for complex exam in the 4th semester

Students have to take complex exam in the 4th semester.

Candidates for the complex exam must have at least 120 credits (16 study credits) in the training and research phase of the doctoral training programme.

The complex exam consists of two parts:
a) a report on academic progress: a literature review, including the topic of the doctoral candidate's own research. The review of the literature should be accompanied by the hypotheses of the research topic, the research methods
and the expected results;
b) a theoretical part, in which the doctoral student shall demonstrate their knowledge of the relevant discipline, literature and state-of-the-art theoretical and methodological knowledge: a review of a scientific publication in English published within ten years preceding the examination.

Please submit the hard copy version of appendix 28 and literature review (part a)) until 15th May, 2024.

More about complex exam: Doctoral regulation

Deadline of the application: 30th April, 24:00

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Complex exam expected: 21st May – 21st June 2024

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