Visitor from the University of Münster

Between 1 and 9 October 2023, our university welcomed Axel Binnenbruck, from the Faculty of Sports Science  of  Münster University. The German guest lecturer was received by Vice-Rector for General Affairs, Dr Csaba Ökrös. 

The purpose of the visit was to continue the existing professional relationship between the two specialists in the form of a new research topic and future joint publication and to discuss possible new areas of cooperation between the two universities. During his stay our guest gained an insight into the methodology of teaching sports games at HUSS, participated in workshops and held classes for the students of our university. He also visited the Ferencváros Handball Academy, where he and MSc Sport Coaching students of HUSS were familiarized with the specifics of the academy program.

Visitor from the University of Münster 1

Axel Binnenbruck also met Dr Gyöngyvér Lacza, head of the Recreation Department, with whom they discussed the topic of Healthy Campus and Dénes Lukács, from whom he received advice on how to start water polo training at Münster University. And, last but not least, he was also received by Dr Judit Kádár, head of the International Relations Directorate, with whom he discussed the areas of possible future cooperation between the University of Münster and HUSS. 


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