Prestigious conference to be organised by HUSS and EASM in 2025

The Hungarian University of Sports Science (HUSS) and the European Association of Sport Management (EASM) are preparing for a big joint event in the centenary year of our university.

A cooperation agreement was signed in Belfast between the Hungarian University of Sports Science (HUSS) and the European Association for Sport Management (EASM) to host the EASM annual conference in Budapest in 2025 when HUSS celebrates its centenary.

It was Professor Gábor Géczi, Director of the Institute of Economics and Social Sciences, Head of the Department of Sport Management at HUSS and Professor Vasil Girginov, representing EASM (Brunel University, London) that signed the contract.

"We can call the 2025 EASM conference to be held in Budapest in September 2025 one of the jewels in the crown of the TF 100 programme series," said Gábor Géczi, who is also a member of the TF100 working group and EASM. “The EASM is quite a prestigious organisation, representing the world body in Europe and bringing together a number of renowned sports scientists and professionals. It was a long-cherished dream to get closer to it and the big breakthrough finally came last August. That's when we managed to convince the EASM board to host the organisation's annual conference in Budapest in 2025. This is a great recognition not only for us but also for the Hungarian sport."

The parties will seek to give real substance to the cooperation in the coming months, and sustainability is expected to be the main theme of the conference. Gábor Géczi added that the concept will be developed by the end of October this year. He himself will chair the organising committee, while EASM will delegate members to the board. The committee will also include, among others, HUSS Rector Professor Tamás Sterbenz.

The approchement between HUSS and EASM is also important because in the future, papers by young HUSS PhD students and academics are more likely to be published in EASM's highly ranked scientific journal. Moreover, HUSS could be part of an international research project on the development of sport in European countries.

"I hope that after the 2025 conference we can continue our cooperation with the Leipzig-based EASM that in the long run can be better integrated into the sports management of the region", concluded Gábor Géczi.

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