Volunteers’ Day held at the World Athletics Championships

Thursday 24th August saw Volunteers' Day at the World Athletics Championships in Budapest. The young people, and not only them, had a wonderful experience.

More than 90,000 hours. The fairly successful World Athletics Championships in Budapest is not over yet, but that's how much time volunteers have already put in to help the event.

On Thursday, they were celebrated by the World Championships and had the opportunity to compete where the biggest stars do during the event at the National Athletics Centre. More than 260 runners came to compete, cheered each other on and enjoyed the experience of a lifetime.

"We also organised five 4x400 m relay races for them, with two boys and two girls in each relay," said Dr Szilvia Perényi, director of the volunteer programme and associate professor at the Department of Sports Management of the Hungarian University of Sports Science, when asked about the programme. “It turned into a real fun run with a huge turnout, it was a great experience to see so many sparkling eyes. Volunteers were given a race number with their volunteer day and relay name on it to take home as a souvenir. They also received a gift, a pair of sunglasses with the World Championships logo on it, moreover, they were visited by the World Championships’ mascot Youhuu. A photo session in the stands was also held for them. Among the competitors was the 79-year-old maths professor Kéri Gerzson, who has run several marathons and is still a regular orienteer. In a word, it was a wonderful day for the volunteers."

As part of the day's programme, Youhuu visited the volunteer centre and the volunteers took a photo with the mascot on the stadium's stand.

The volunteer programme of the World Athletics Championships in Budapest, which started on 19 August and ends this Sunday, was organised with the support of the Hungarian University of Sports Science.

As known, two electric cars carrying runners and staff members crashed on way to World Athletics Championship 200m semi-final on Thursday night. Two buggies collided driving to the National Athletics Stadium, where athletes were being transferred from the warm-up area to the so-called "call room". The two electric cars were being driven by professional drivers and the accident did not involve volunteers, who had already performed excellently during the World Championships.

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