Vice-Rector General Dr Csaba Ökrös pays work trip to Germany

Dr. Csaba Ökrös, the Head of the Department of Sports Games and Vice-Rector General of HUSS not only visited the University of Münster and the Deutsche Sporthochschule in Cologne, but was also present the men’s Champion League final four event in handball.

Between 1 and 9 October, 2022, Axel Binnenbruck, Adjunct Professor at the Institute of Sports Science at the University of Münster, visited our university. The guest lecturer was welcomed by Dr Csaba Ökrös, Vice-Rector General of the Hungarian University of Sports Science (HUSS).

This visit has now been reciprocated by the Vice-Rector, who was drawn by his academic interest and the love of handball to the Lanxess Arena in Cologne, where the men’s Champions League final four in handball was held on 17 and 18 June.

"I tried to collect the data I needed for my research and habilitation at the top European men's club handball event, but I also gained valuable professional experience”, said the Vice Rector, who watched the final four with his German research colleague Axel Binnenbruck. ”It was a huge surprise that the German team, Magdeburg won this year's Champions League, but I must quickly add that it deserved it. One of the biggest lessons from a professional point of view is that the most effective way of playing handball when physicality is combined with dynamism. Interestingly, Magdeburg was a little bit different from the other teams in terms of physical parametres, as they were made up of thinner and shorter players. They also had a player called Mads Christiansen, who could create a situation out of nothing while only being half healthy. Magdeburg beat Barcelona in the semi-final, which gave them confidence for the final, where they deservedly beat the Polish team Kielce.”

Csaba Ökrös and his German colleague then headed to Münster, where between 19 and 22 June Mr Ökrös continued to nurture the relationship between the local university and HUSS.

On behalf of our institution, the Vice-Rector is conducting joint research with Axel Binnenbruck on the latest branch of teq sports, qatch, as part of which they have begun micro-sensor measurements. In addition, Csaba Ökrös held classes and lectures at the University of Münster and tried to visit as many classes and learn as many methods as possible.

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