Plenary lecture by Dr habil Tamás Csányi at the University of Münster

The European Conference on Physical Education and School Sport was held in Münster, Germany between 17 and 18 October. The event was organised jointly by the University of Münster and the Willibald Gebhardt Institute. Dr habil. Tamás Csányi, the head of the Department of Physical Education Theory and Methodology of Education at our university, participated in the event as a guest plenary speaker.

Csányi Münster előadás

His presentation focused on the regulation, implementation and experiences of daily physical education in Hungary, and its impact on public health. Using the results and analyses of NETFIT, a nationally consistent health-focused fitness measurement since the 2014/15 school year, he highlighted the beneficial effects of increased hours of physical education.

He also outlined the strategic goals and development directions of the upcoming renewal of the domestic student sport. His key message was that increasing the number of physical education lessons is a significant public health factor in itself, which is a convincing argument for the increase in the number of lessons advocated by experts across Europe.

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