HUSS related development company makes success at Seville Football Expo

The Hungarian sports analytics company xfb Analytics, founded and managed by the former Hungarian University of Sports Science (HUSS) graduate, Attila Csernus, was also present as an exhibitor at the World Football Summit Europe held in Seville, Spain in September.

TF es fejlesztőcég a sevillai fociexpón

In the last week of September in Seville, almost 100 companies and 3,000 sports professionals attended perhaps the most important gathering of the sport's back-end professionals, the World Football Summit Europe, the pinnacle event for innovation in football, which also featured a Hungarian development team xfb Analytics.

The company, funded and managed by the former HUSS student, Attila Csernus, announced the launch of its brand new data analysis software called ‘Cube’ at the World Football Summit.

Xfb Analytics believes that valuable data assets collected in sport can be useful for clubs if they are well understood by football professionals. In training sessions, when developing match strategies, or when designing next year's framework, the information obtained can be well integrated into everyday work. The Hungarian development team's own data models translate the products of the big data providers into a football ‘language’ that is readily understandable for coaches, analysts and scouts.

As an external partner of the Hungarian Football Association, the company has been working with the association's experts and management on the development of data-driven solutions and ad hoc analysis tasks.

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