Webinar Series on LTAD at the Hungarian University of Sports Science

Last Thursday, the webinar series organised by the Hungarian University of Sports Science in collaboration with the University of Bern has been completed successfully for the third time.

Webinar series on LTAD

Dr. Judit Kádár (HUSS) and Prof. dr. Claudio Nigg (UBern) were moderating the sequence of events. This year's theme was "Long Term Athletes Development." Due to the speciality of the topic, our Albanian partner, the Sports University of Tirana (SUT), had also provided two speakers. Participants of the event series had the possibility to learnt about the mysteries of LTAD on three separate occasions.

Following a general introduction of LTAD (10 March), the second session of our webinar series discussed the role of LTAD in individual sports, while the third one explored LTAD in team sports. Dr. Ágnes Kovács, Olympic champion and HUSS colleague briefly summarized her personal experiences with LTAD. Prof. Dr. Gábor Géczi gave a general lecture on the scientific background and development of LTAD. Dr. Rigerta Selenica (SUT) reported on the operation of the LTAD system in Albania. Finally, Lilla Gurisatti, a HUSS doctoral student highlighted the LTAD from the perspective of sports psychology, and finally Örern Merlin (UBern) gave a presentation related to the topic through the life situation of elite athletes. In the course of the second event (March 17), Violetta Oblinger-Peters gave an introductory lecture with a focus on sports psychology. Then the speakers explored LTAD in different individual sports: Dr. Péter Szájer (HUSS) on swimming, Marcell Dékány (HUSS) on tennis and finally Michael Schmid (UBern) on rowing. Finally (March 24), firstly a representative of the Tirana Sports University, Arben Bici (SUT) illuminated the concept of Long-Term Athlete Development in the context of football, followed by Dénes Lukács (HUSS), who presented on LTAD in Hungarian water polo and Dr. László Németh (University of Chichester/HUSS alumnus) on basketball, and finally, Dr. Tibor Kozsla (IJF/HUSS alumnus) introduced the LTAD related activity of IJF Academy.

395 participants from five continents and 30 countries have registered for the webinar series, where they could obtain a Certificate of Attendance, too. HUSS expresses gratitude for UBern and SUT for the commitment to create this joint webinar series, and for all presenters’ invaluable contribution.

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