Basketball MSc

Course leader

Dr. Laszlo Nemeth has coached Premier Division basketball teams in five different countries - winning national titles in four - and coached three different Senior Men National Teams around the globe (Kuwait Iceland and England/Great Britain).

He was involved in Olympic Games, Asian Games, Universiade, Games of Small Nations, Pan Arab Championships, European and World Championships, Gulf Championships, Scandinavian Championship. He brings a wealth of experience from the competitive end of sport. Laszlo has been Head Coach at Eurocamp since he opened in 1998.

Laszlo is the author of the book Basketball published by Crowood press in the skills of the games series. He runs coach education courses for National Governing Bodies around the world. He had 10 year spell as a senior lecturer for performance and excellence coaching at UCLAN and University of Chichester.

Deputy course leader

Peter Hegedus is a young basketball coach who gained experience coaching in Hungary’s Premier division.


1. Program objectives

  • The four-semester master’s program in basketball coaching provides knowledge and essential skills in the key areas of modern-age advanced level coaching in basketball.
  • This coaching qualification will provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to work in participation and performance / excellence coaching settings. You will examine in depth general principles of play and complex team strategies in addition to acquiring knowledge of sound physical preparation and skill acquisition for the sport.
  • The course will also give you an understanding of the effective characteristics of various basketball organizations and allow you to develop your own coaching philosophy. You will have the opportunity to develop and critique your own training programs, your coaching and learning approaches, and your use of psychological principles.
  • This study aims for students to develop and apply their knowledge from basic level to the performance and excellence coaching environment. It aims to examine the development of training programs and the use of practice structures. The course also aims to develop students’ practical skills in coaching their peers, their ability to apply psychological principles to the coaching environment and to critically evaluate their effectiveness.

2. Duration and credits

Four semesters, 12O credits.

3. Tution fee, application fee

The tuition fee is 3000 EUR per semester, the application fee is 150 EUR.

4. Application requirements

  • Certificate of secondary education and a college degree are required (in study areas certain pre-requisites are apply)
  • Substantial knowledge and understanding of basketball (rules, technical/tactical basic knowledge,international competiton systems)
  • 3-5 years of performance-oriented experience in basketball (proof of attainment from national sport federation required)
  • Proficiency level of English language: applicants’ language skills are tested online based on preset standards
  • Based on the educational standards, there are 5x10 credits pre-requisites in main scientific areas (health sciences, pedagogy and psychology, social sciences, management sciences and sport sciences). Those who lack any of the above, during the first year of the master studies additional free courses will be offered in order to obtain the necessary pre-requisites’ credits.

Participation in national and international level sport competitions is an advantage (please submit proofs of attainment).

5. Application procedure

  • Online submission of the required and additional documents
  • Submitting a short video of basketball performance / some technical elements upon request (please consult the given sport area specifications on the website)
  • Online interview
  • For application visit
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