BA Sport Coaching

This full-time, on-campus program spans six semesters and is designed to take you from the basics of your chosen sport to an advanced level of knowledge.

Here's the deal: you'll dive into the foundations and related sciences of your sport, all while assuming you have a basic understanding and language skills. Don't worry, though – if you need a refresher, we've got courses to help you brush up before and during the first semester.

By the time you wrap up the BA Program, you'll have a solid foundation in sports and coaching. That means you'll be all set to work as mid-level coaches in your chosen sport. And guess what? Completing this program is like unlocking a door – it opens the way for you to continue into our Master of Science (MSc) Coaching blended learning program, followed by the HUSS PhD program.

Pick one sport from a bunch of cool disciplines like artistic gymnastics, basketball, fencing, figure skating, football (soccer), handball, swimming, track and field (athletics) and volleyball.

Quick facts:

  • Duration: 3 years
  • Qualification level: Bachelor degree
  • Credits: 180
  • Application fee: 150 Euro
  • Tuition fee for 2024/25: 3,500 Euro/semester. The total cost is 21,000 Euro if you complete the program in 3 years.

BA course list >>>

Application Requirements

  • Certificate of secondary education (high school diploma and transcript)
  • Substantial knowledge of the chosen sport
  • 3-5 years of performance-oriented experience
  • While not mandatory, participation in national-level sport competitions is advantageous.
  • English language proficiency can be demonstrated through TOEFL (60), IELTS (5.00), or a CEFR B2 Level language exam.

We only accept properly scanned and apostilled documents accompanied by an official English translation.

Career Opportunities

After completing the BA degree, you'll be all set for exciting career paths. You could work with sports clubs, public or private sports organizations, and even become a sports coach for pro or amateur teams. Another option is to train individual competitors.

We're eager to welcome you to the Hungarian University of Sports Science and help you reach your goals in the field of sports coaching. We're here to support you on your journey to a rewarding career in the sports industry.

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