International Coaching Course

IOCThe International Coaching Course (ICC) is a 3 month non-degree full-time on-site course in English organized by the Hungarian University of Sports Science (HUSS), International Relations Center (IRC) in cooperation with the International Olympic Committee (IOC), and supported by the Olympic Solidarity (OS), a department of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

We, at HUSS, are glad to welcome you on-board the International Coaching Course (ICC) with high plans for the future of coaching, also to educate, raise and train generations of athletes to come.

With this Short Cycle Sport Program, we are opening up new opportunities to gain internationally recognized certificate level qualifications for coaches, instructors, experts active on the sport field.

From former to elite sportsmen, coaches and master coaches, HUSS can offer new and innovative methods of coaching with a balance of theory and practice.

International Coaching Course(graduation ceremony R-L: dr Csaba Okros, vice rector of general affairs of HUSS, dr habil Judit Kadar, director of international relations, Prof dr h.c. Lajos Mocsai, president of HUSS foundation, Prof dr Tamas Sterbenz, rector of HUSS, H.E. Mrs Gjeneza Budima, Ambassador of Kosovo in Hungary, OS scholarship holders from Botswana, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Barbados, Kosovo, Bahrain, Tanzania; Silvia Lucciarini, project manager, Olympic Solidarity, Yassine Yousfi, head of entourage unit, Olympic Solidarity)

First held in 1971 the ICC looks back on a long history at the Hungarian University of Sports Science (HUSS) and its predeccedors. The COVID-19 pandemic brought us to a line to face new challenges, which we successfully managed to get through by reconstructing and restructuring this on-site program aligning with international standards and quality assurance expectations, always in hand with representatives of Olympic Solidarity.

This ongoing cooperation resulted in peak number of applicants chosen from over 50 countries all around the globe, from Argentina to Uganda and Grenada, or Albania to Kenya and Tajikistan just to name a few. All of them were supported by their respective National Olympic Committee (NOC).

Let us share a word from Olympic Solidarity:

NOCs interested in benefitting from an Olympic scholarship for coaches to cover the course fee should submit an application directly through the Relay Online platform and through the Programme of Olympic scholarships for coaches.

The OS scholarship holders, during this 10 weeks’ theoretical and practical study period in Budapest, capital of Hungary, and HUSS being the capital for sports science education, have the opportunity to learn 13 different theoretical subjects from the internationally recognized HUSS faculty and participate in practical classes in their field of sports specialization.

International Coaching Course

ICC offers training over 10 sports out of the 28 Olympic sports during a semester, which is organized twice a year, and receives students from wide range of countries all around the world. The programme includes 120 theoretical and 100 practical sport specification contact hours.

Theoretical classes:

  • Biomechanics
  • Ethics of Sports Coaching
  • Exercise Physiology
  • General Conditioning
  • Human Biology
  • Science in Sport
  • Sport analytics
  • Sport Injuries
  • Sport Management
  • Sport Pedagogy
  • Sport Psychology
  • Sport Sociology
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Training Theory

The Fall Course begins in mid-September, the Spring Course in mid-March, please see application form for further details.

ICC applicants (worldmap)

ICC applicants (pie chart)

The program is taught exclusively in English. Participants are expected to have an overall English language proficiency of B2 on the CEFR scale. It is the responsibility of the applicant to demonstrate their language proficiency in both verbal and written skills to be able to comprehend learning materials and actively participate in the classes and programs, which class material all ICC participants receive in advance to pro-actively participating in theory units.

CEFR B2 level equivalent scores of internationally accepted language exams:

  • IELTS: 5.5-6.0
  • TOEFL: 72-94
  • Cambridge English Scale: 160-179

HUSS prides itself on its century old traditions and emphasizes innovation in the areas of sports and health sciences. HUSS and its faculty, athletes and alumni are known globally for their achievements in various areas of Olympic and non-Olympic sports and sports science. Our educators have supported our students as athletes in countless European and world games, even to become Olympic champions.

Competitive sports have a rich history in Hungary. Since 1896 Hungarian athletes have won 184 gold, 158 silver and 183 bronze medals – a total of 525 medals at the Olympics games - to which, since 1925, HUSS has greatly contributed with both athletes and coaches. Gaining more and more popularity in Europe, the Middle East among international students. HUSS has extended its international partnership network to 67 with increasing mobility numbers across the world. In 2022 it was among the 20 most popular universities in Hungary.

HUSS International Coaching Course (flyer)

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NOCs interested in benefitting from an Olympic scholarship to cover the course fee should submit an application directly to Olympic Solidarity through the Relay Online platform and through the Programme of Olympic scholarships for coaches.


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