ICF Canoe-Kayak Intensive Coaching Course

International Canoe FederationCourse Structure

The newly designed Canoe-Kayak Sprint Online Coaching Course Level 3 with the cooperation of the International Canoe Federation has developed a 3 months distance learning education (on-line) program. This variation of educational platform helps the participants to follow the coaching programme with more flexibility, mainly from their own home environment. All international programmes run by the Hungarian University of Sports Science have been reconsidered due to the Covid-19 epidemic that effected all travelling possibilities from one country to another. This development in the structure and the technical system makes it possible for the expected participants to get involved in a traditional classroom teaching & learning setting on a full-time bases away from their residence.

The distance learning programme takes advantage of the highly developed information and computer technology (ICT) and applies the MOODLE system (Modular Object-Oriented Dynam-ic Learning Environment). This system gives the opportunity and method for coaches to study at their own pace without interrupting their busy agenda in his/her residence.

Course Objectives

The Canoe-Kayak Sprint Online Coaching Course Level 3 is designed to train and educate coaches from around the World. The programme attempts to promote and develop excellence in coaching canoe-kayak sprint sport. The Canoe-Kayak Sprint Online Coaching Course Level 3 provides coaches with a systematic way to improve their knowledge, skills and competencies in theoretical, technical and practical aspects of coaching leading up to an eligibil-ity for taking responsibility over a team of coaches.

Course Content

The Canoe-Kayak Sprint Online Coaching Course Level 3 content in detail is designed selected to meet the needs of coaches working with competitive athletes at national level as well as with advanced athletes of elite sport at international level.

University Profile

Hungarian University of Sports Science is the largest, the most comprehensive and the oldest centre for education and training is sport in Hungary with 95 years of history, originally established as the Royal College of Physical Education. There are 6 levels of sport education (from certificate level to PhD, EQF levels 3-8) offered in all possible fields: PE teacher, adapted PE teacher, health teacher, health promoter, coaching, sport management, recreation, as well as human kinesiology. All summer Olympic sports and several other, all together 47 are listed in the educational programme. TF has 2000 students (11 of them are Olympic Gold Medallist and 78 Olympic Champions graduated already), 110 full time and 100 part time faculty on a fully enclosed campus with 16 sports facilities and two other estates (for water-based sports and track & field, tennis, soccer), 8 research laboratories serving teaching, research and the preparation of athletes.

The University is among those education centres where the International Olympic Committee, Olympic Solidarity cooperates in coach education programmes with. On a national level the University has a sports policy forming role in close cooperation with all stakeholders of sport and physical activity.

Language of Instruction

The Canoe-Kayak Sprint Online Coaching Course Level 3 programme is taught and run exclusively in English. Participants are expected to demonstrate English language proficiency in both verbal and written skills. It is the responsibility of the applicant and his/her National Federation to guarantee the applicant’s English language proficiency. TE reserves the right to invite and conduct interview via Skype or Video Conference system in English in selected cases.

Teaching Staff and Examinations

University professors, sports scientists, and experts from ICF, are invited to lecture at Canoe-Kayak Sprint Online Coaching Course Level 3.

All participants are to meet the requirements of the Canoe-Kayak Sprint Online Coaching Course Level 3 programme. This will be examined by completing a comprehensive written examination of each subject, practical exam of demonstration of coaching skill (through upload-ed videos) as well as a technical analysis and submitting a portfolio. All of the above mentioned will be arranged via the online platform.

Graduates of the programme receive the "Canoe-Kayak Sprint Coach Certificate Level 3”. This Coaching Certificate is registered and endorsed by the International Canoe Federation and issued by the Hungarian University of Sports Science.

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