FIE Fencing Intensive International Coach Program

Program Structure and Aim

The Fencing IntensiveFIE logo "International Coach" Program by the Hungarian University of Sports Science (HUSS) in collaboration with the International Fencing Federation (FIE) is tailored for coaches specializing in epée, foil, and sabre from around the globe. This innovative program aims to promote excellence in fencing coaching by enhancing participants' knowledge, skills, and competencies across theoretical, technical, and practical aspects. The 3-month program's comprehensive structure includes theoretical education at HUSS, covering a wide range of essential subjects. Additionally, it features an on-site coaching clinic, providing hands-on practical experience. This blend of classroom learning, and practical application ensures participants receive a well-rounded, full-time educational experience, preparing them to excel in the field of fencing coaching.

Program Content

The program content is designed to address the needs of coaches training competitive national athletes and elite performers on the international stage.

Theoretical Modules

The curriculum focuses on the art and science of modern fencing coaching, incorporating core subjects aligned with FIE initiatives and feedback from national federations worldwide. The theoretical modules align with the International Fencing Federation’s assessments and requests and cover the following areas:

  • Exercise Physiology
  • Training Theory and Methodology
  • Sport Psychology
  • Biomechanics
  • Sport Pedagogy

Practical Modules

The Fencing Intensive "International Coach" Program offers a blend of classroom instruction, sport-specific presentations, and hands-on activities. Coaches will learn about competition event management, coaching principles, skills development, drills, training methods, strategy and tactics, and error detection and correction from internationally recognized instructors.

Participants will also gain actual coaching experience through practical lessons and workshops, with opportunities to discuss their experiences with highly skilled instructors and former Olympians. The practical and technical components include home assignments and independent study and close with a practical exam.

The practical modules cover the following subjects:

  • Skills and motor development
  • Sport technique
  • Conditioning
  • Observation and competition analysis
  • Teaching and coaching skills

Language Requirements 

The Fencing Intensive International Coach Program is taught and run exclusively in English. Applicants must demonstrate English proficiency prior-to entering the program. This ensures that all participants can comprehend learning materials and actively engage in classes, as well as programs. 

Teaching Staff & Examinations

The teaching staff consists of internationally renowned university professors, specialists, qualified coaches, and sports scientists, ensuring the quality of education.Fencing Intensive International Coach Program

All participants are to meet the requirements of the Fencing Intensive International Coach Program. This will be examined by completing a comprehensive written examination of questions, a practical exam of demonstration of coaching skills as well as pre-determined exams by the HUSS instructors on the University’s E-learning platform.

Graduates of the program receive "International Fencing Coach Certificate”, issued by HUSS with the support of FIE.

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