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All TE students are invited to participate in high spirited campus programs. The Freshman Ball symbolizes the formal acceptance of the new students as members of our academic community.

There is a Festival called TFeszt, where several sport events are held and every evening ends with a party. In addition, a boating event called Dunai Regatta on River Danube is a sport festival in Budapest for every university student in Hungary. The main event is the dragon boat competition, in which TE students are among the best.

EFOTT is another national student program, an annual cultural festival organized by a different university each year, with a wide range of exciting events. In our local community, several other programs and parties are held all academic year round.

TE Community Sport and Recreation

TE students can participate in 18 different sports on our campus: aerobics, track and field, wrestling, diving, judo, kayak-canoe, tennis, gymnastics, swimming, handball, basketball, korfball, football, volleyball, ice-hockey, fencing, futsal, teqball and functional training. The Sport Association of the Hungarian Universities and Colleges organizes its championship each term in order to promote different sports and to assist in the selection of the athletes for the events organized by FISU (Federation of International Sport University) and EUSA (European University of Sport Association).  The championships of the different sports are organized by the particular institution that wins the bid.  In 2014-2015, the University of Physical Education finished in first place in the championship.


TFSEThe University Sport Club was formed before the establishment of the University itself. Since 1925, the students have been managing both club and sport department  affairs with the support of  lecturers. The objective has not changed to this day, to provide an organisation with quality sporting opportunities at even the highest level. Accordingly, some of our students and teams compete at national and international sporting events successfully.

What we provide for the students:

  • 90 years of tradition and experience
  • 15 different sport departments
  • scholarship for excelling athletes
  • supporting participation in international sporting events

The following sport departments await interested athletes: Aerobics, Athletics, Wrestling, Diving, Crossfit, Futsal, Judo, Handball, Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Teqball, Gymnastics, Swimming, Fencing.

Our three most successful sport departments are Volleyball, Basketball and Futsal. The volleyball department is currently in the national first division, while the female basketball team competes in the second, and the male team competes in the third division. Both the male and female Futsal teams compete in the 2nd division.

“TF műhely” Cultural Group

This is a community of talented students who are interested in arts such as literature, music, singing and folk dance and voluntarily participate in our cultural activities. The group was founded in 2003, and since that time the community has given more than 100 performances, some of which have been at the University for national ceremonial events, some for cultural centers involving literary performances accompanied by music and dance, with others for exhibition openings, book presentations as well as literature lessons at primary and secondary schools. It sometimes invites foreign students to participate in its programs as well.

“TF műhely” received the highest award of the University in 2013 for its work and for helping the University gain a good reputation.

Department of Sport-specific Languages

This unit of the University helps students become acquainted with the language of sports in English. Students learn the most important words and expressions from different fields of sports, such as anatomy, physiology, fitness, sport health, sport injuries, sport nutrition, Olympic Games, winter sports, ball games, swimming, gymnastics, and track and field. With the help of their studies, the students are able to communicate in English in their profession, study the special literature, continue their studies at foreign universities and institutions, deliver lectures or give presentations, or teach sports and PE lessons in English.

The Department has worked out a testing system for sport-specific languages in which students can take the exam at the elementary, intermediate or advanced level. Besides teaching courses for the enrolled students of the University, our teachers provide special language courses for coaches from different sport associations and federations.

The Department also has experience in preparing internet-based video education material for sport professionals within the Lifelong Learning Program of the European Union.

Student Council

The Student Council is the main student organization of the University, carrying out advocacy functions. Representatives are present in decision-making processes, whether it involves a particular study case or decisions concerning the entire University. Their task is to represent the interests and opinions of the student community of the University and voice them to the teachers and decision makers. Naturally, they help in integrating students at the University and aim to inform them if there any changes at the institution. They organize student events, university days, freshman camps, freshman balls and cultural and sporting events.


The hall of residence (dormitory) is located on campus. It provides accommodation for students, a community room and a canteen within the campus. The community room is used by the students for studying purposes, group activities and for different events organized for staff members. The school canteen offers special menu options for all university members, such as the TF Menu and Fitness Menu, in order to promote healthy lifestyles.

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