Call for application for PhD studies from the 1st semester of 2024/25. academic year

School of Sports Sciences calls for application for structured training programmes.

Doctoral training shall consist of a 'training and research' phase and a 'research and dissertation' phase. The training and research phase shall last for a maximum of four semesters, at the end of which the doctoral candidate shall take a comprehensive examination as a prerequisite for entering the research and dissertation phase. The start of the research and dissertation phase, i.e. the degree procedure, which also lasts up to four semesters, is conditional upon successful completion of the comprehensive examination. Its aim is to obtain a doctoral degree (PhD).

  1. Training and Adaptation | Coordinator: Gábor Pavlik professor emeritus, MD, PhD, DSc
  2. Physical Training, Regulation, Metabolism | Coordinator: Zsolt Radák professor, PhD, DSc
  3. Sport and Social Sciences | Coordinator: Gyöngyi Földesiné-Szabó professor emerita, PhD, DSc
  4. Educational Science and Sportpedagogy / Coordinator: Pál Hamar, PhD, DSc

Hungarian citizens, EU and EEA nationals who are treated equally with Hungarian citizens, as well as non-Hungarian citizens who are not treated equally with Hungarian citizens, may apply for training at the doctoral school, who

  1. hold a university degree or equivalent accredited master's degree (MA, MSc), as well as those enrolled in the final year of other master's level courses and who are no more than six months before the expected date of graduation. Even in the case of a successful admission, enrolment in the DI is only possible after obtaining the degree qualifying for the training;
  2. hold a state-recognised complex foreign language examination at level B2 or above in at least one foreign language, or an equivalent qualification;
  3. have professional and academic qualifications recognised as suffici by the doctoral school.

Supervisors and topics.

The following documents must accompany the application to the doctoral school:

  1. a completed and signed application form (Annex 1);
  2. a completed application form (Annex 2);
  3. for those with a higher education qualification, a copy of the diploma obtained in a Master's degree course or in an equivalent accredited university course;
  4. for students who are to complete a Master's degree or equivalent accredited university course during the admission procedure, a certified copy of the university's eTranscript;
  5. a curriculum vitae with a list of publications;
  6. a draft of the research plan;
  7. a letter of acceptance from the supervisor;
  8. copies of documents certifying language proficiency;
  9. proof of payment of the application fee;
  10. a declaration of consent to data processing,
  11. an official certificate of no criminal record, not more than three months old, or an equivalent document for foreign nationals;
  12. other documents (e.g. recommendations) required by the doctoral school.

During the admission procedure, the assessment shall be based on the applicant's previous results and the knowledge and aptitude observed during the interview. Experience in academic work, presentations, publications, a complex state-recognised language examination level B2 or higher in at least one language other than the language of the complex state-recognised language examination level B2 or higher required as a condition for application, and outstanding academic achievements shall be considered as an advantage.

In the assessment, the candidate may obtain a maximum of sixty (60) points in total, as follows:

a. A maximum of twenty-eight (28) points in total may be awarded for the assessment of previous academic/professional/scientific/foreign language achievements based on the Admission Form (Annex 2), which is divided into three parts:

  1. average academic performance, diploma qualification: maximum 8 points,
  2. evaluation of previous academic work (lectures, publications): max. 12 points,
  • other achievements (language examinations in addition to the compulsory one, outstanding professional achievements, diplomas in addition to the compulsory one): max. 4 points
  1. outstanding sporting achievements: max 4 points.

b. A maximum of thirty-two (32) points in total may be awarded in the admission interview (general professional knowledge and aptitude and specific, subject-oriented knowledge and aptitude).

Application fee: 9 000 HUF

Forms of Financing

  • State Grant (available only for EU and EEA nationals who are treated equally with Hungarian citizens) 
    • fellowship of 140.980 HUF/month during the first phase and 180.680 HUF/month thereafter
  • Self-financed tution fee: 2 000 €/semester

Link for the application >>>

Application deadline: 31th of July 2024 16:00 (Budapest time)

The semester starts from September 2024.

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