The oldest building on the campus is the main building designed by Alajos Hauszmann and built in 1884.

This building was declared a protected monument in the townscape in 1987. The women’s dormitory was built at approximately the same time, and the gymnastics hall was completed in the next century in 1930. Further changes took place only after the Second World War when the games hall (1952-53), the men’s dormitory (1953-54) and the cafeteria were built.

The ceremonial presentation of the 25-meter long swimming pool and the games hall above the pool were built in 1986.

The practice hall (24x72m) with synthetic overlay, built on the site of former athletic field of 200 meters, and the building complex with the auditorium (430 person capacity) were completed between 1978 and 1980. The new pride of the University is the modern five-storey building on Alkotás Street, which was completed in 1987.

In the same year the men’s dormitory was opened, enlarged by one storey and fully modernized.

An integral part of the University is the sport establishment on Csörsz Street, the building of which began in 1948. The playing field was designed between 1976-78 and today there is a grassy soccer field, a 400-meter synthetically surfaced athletic field, a hard surface throwing field, a tennis court with a synthetic surface and a handball court.

Within the renovation of the University’s facilities the Games Hall was modernized and enlarged by one storey and a new conditioning room.

In 1992 a facility absent from the campus for the past several decades was integrated into the property of Faculty: a water camp on the shore of the Danube River with adjacent buildings in Budapest. The restored complex, that was once the property of the Worker’s Militia, provides an excellent area for hosting the summer water sport courses and camps as well as for recreational activities for the faculty.

1993 was the year when the dormitory complex was fully organized resulting in a 250 bed, 3 storey hotel style complex. The building is connected to the cafeteria and the billiards room. More facilities and services are available for our students, faculty members and guests: swimming pool, sauna, tennis courts, conditioning room, printing and computer services, etc.

14 December 2016 (modified: 25 May 2021)
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